How do I fix video playback issues?

This can happen on occasion, so we suggest the following tips in this article:

Disable Browser Extensions

Try disabling browser extensions, restarting your browser and trying again. We've come across some issues where an extension or plugin (Adblock and HTTPSeverywhere in particular) interfered with Flash and other browser functions, causing the videos to not show.

Try Another Browser

Not an ideal solution, but give another browser a try. We generally recommend using Chrome or Firefox. We also recommend trying these in private/incognito mode.


Firewalls and VPNs can interfere with video , so be sure to allow it for playback.

Download the Video

Try downloading the video that you're having issues playing in your browser. For all our courses, there is a link in the sidebar or directly below the embedded video to download it. It will give you high quality version of the video.

Required Referrer

Also, check to make sure that you are sending referrer headers from your browser. AdBlock and other privacy plugins/extensions tend to disable these. Viddler requires referrer headers in browsers in order to play videos.

Still having issues? Feel free to reach out to us on support and we'll take a look!