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  1. Code School Integration FAQs

    For information and help related to the recent Code School integration announcement on 3/30/18, see below: What's happening to Code School? Pluralsight is actively working to integrate a Code School-like experience into its platform. As such, ...
  2. Terms of Use

    Here is our Terms of Use .
  3. Privacy Policy

    Here is out Privacy Policy .
  4. How do I find my course history and progress?

    You can find your course history and progress at any time by checking out our Report Card feature.  To access, login and click on the dropdown arrow next to your avatar in the top right. Every user has a Report Card page for their account.&nbs...
  5. Can I merge one account into another account?

    If you want to move your course progress and history from one account to another - we can help!  NOTE:  This is NOT a reversible process. To get this process started, we will just need the following: The email of the account you wan...
  6. How can I get help with a Code School Project?

    Stuck on a particular Project challenge? Feel free to check out our Projects community on our forum .
  7. How do I get help with a particular challenge?

    Stuck on a particular challenge? Feel free to check out our Community Forum ! There is a sortable listing of courses for your convenience on our forums, or, you can click on the particular course topic (path) below to take you right there: HTML/...
  8. Can I share my course completion badges?

    You can! Currently, you can share badges on both Facebook and Twitter. You can use our Report Card feature via your settings page and make it public .  ...
  9. What are Projects?

    Code School Projects is a new experience letting you to further apply what you've learned at Code School. Build and deploy a real-world application on your local computer and we'll check the work. Enjoy! ...
  10. Can I use keyboard shortcuts on the videos?

    We are sorry to say but at this time Code School videos don't support shortcuts such as spacebar pause and play and arrow key fast-forward and rewind. We are looking to make optimizations here for future video updates though!